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Bialecki Photography combines a love of travel and story telling with the business of photography to bring you high quality, professional images that best represent the point or feeling that you need to get across. Cory Bialecki has a fresh and innovative style that incorporates traditional techniques and the latest training and technology to best express his curiosities of the world around us. Cory continues to build relationships on trust, integrity and reliability. It is in using these traits that he is able to get to the heart of what he photographs.

Bialecki Photography offers a wide range of editorial options to help fill the various photographic needs and desires of today's clients. Specializing in Travel and Documentary Photography for magazine and book publications, Cory always attempts to show the human factor in the things and places that make up our world.

Cory Bialecki maintains an extensive archive of stock photographs in several fields. Forest fire's, silviculture and many other forestry related topics are a continuing project for Cory, with over 10 years of forest fires to his credit and a camera at his side throughout, a library stock images of forest fires and forestry related project work continues to amass.

Cory currently finds himself shooting a majority of sports. With International sporting events (Woman's International Canada Cup Softball and the FIS Cross County World Cup at Sovereign Lakes, BC.) and a constant flow of tournaments, Cory finds the constant action and unpredictable nature of sports photography a constant challenge.

Although Wedding and Portraiture is not the current target market for Bialecki Photography, Cory will happily take on any such project and insure quality and professional images in all circumstances.


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