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“As a forest fire fighter and photographer for the past 10 years, Cory Bialecki has had many opportunities to capture on film both the astounding forces of the blazes that wreck havoc in our province’s woodlands and the brave men and women who work in this hazardous profession.” Devoting more and more time to photography keeps this photographer right on track with where he wants to be in the future.  With an eye and passion for Documentary and Editorial Photography, Cory continues to dissect the world around him and find the story behind every picture he makes.  “Photography has really slowed things down for me.  I appreciate the little things, and tend not to be so passive with what I see.  It really forces you to take note of everything that is around you, all the little things that make up your life.”  - BOULEVARD Magazine, May/June 2005

Based in Vernon, British Columbia, his professional arsenal includes experience in both film and digital mediums, from 35mm up to large format.  Cory has extensive knowledge in conventional darkroom developing and processing, as well as advanced studio lighting techniques.  In the digital world, Bialecki Photography offers a vast array of options from web ready images to high quality archival printing all backed by a wealth of digital imaging  and Photoshop experience.  Cory Bialecki is a professionally trained photographer, graduated from Victoria’s Western Academy of Photography.  His work has been exhibited in Vernon, as well as seen in a variety of publications and books including one that he both produced and co-wrote.  Cory’s Photojournalistic views have also slotted his photos in the Vernon Daily News, Kelowna Courier, Vancouver Province and The Calgary Herald.